• Promotion of Masks in Chile

    In march, 2020, the spreading of the coronavirus in China alleviated. While making good protection against the coronavirus’s spreading, our company actively resumed the work and production to made up for the work delayed during time that the coronavirus spreading heavily...
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  • European sulfuric acid pump project

    As leading manufacturer of API 610 Heavy Duty Centrifugal Pumps, is proud of the increasing success in supplying its HLY pumps in oil and gas market. The peculiar diffuser design, individually checked and fully machined, of all the HLY models reduces radial load allowin...
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  • 3D scanning

    3D scanning

    Geornagic Qualify is a computer-aided inspection software developed by the American geomagic company.The comparison between the CAD model and the actual manufactured part. In order to realize the rapid detection of the product, and display it with intuitive and easy-to-u...
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