Promotion of Masks in Chile

In march, 2020, the spreading of the coronavirus in China alleviated. While making good protection against the coronavirus’s spreading, our company actively resumed the work and production to made up for the work delayed during time that the coronavirus spreading heavily in order to ensure the normal operation of our customers.

At the same time, we also actively supported and provided foreign partners some masks to help them to make a good protection. On April 7th, we received the news that the epidemic prevention medical materials in Chile were in urgent needed, so the Chilean Air Force had sent a plane to China to deliver the required epidemic prevention medical materials on April 11th and need the supplies arrive at the embassy of Chile before the 10th.

Our company have been supplying the slurry pumps and titanium chemical pumps mines in Chile for 10 years with a pleasant and successful cooperation. So our company and Chinese friends in Chile have decided to donate more than 20,000 disposable surgical masks to Chile. So we initiatively to contact the mask manufacturer, but all the factory orders were full, and finally there was a factory agreed to work overtime to make masks for us and we need to pick them up the next morning. So our company Paul Zhao and Mr. Zeng drove to the mask factory 200 kilometers away from our company and then delivered them to the embassy of Chile in Beijing 300 kilometers away. Finally, more than 20,000 masks were finally delivered to the embassy of Chile safely and timely and we  contributed a slender amount of assistance.

Our company promises that during this period we will guarantee the timely supply of goods and technical consulting services to customers. If the customer has a shortage of epidemic prevention materials, we will also provide the help. Wish every body stay away from the coronavirus and keep in good health. I hope the coronavirus will be over as soon as possible and everything will be back to normal.

Damei Kingmech Pump staffs and masks for Chile

The group photo of Chilean ambassador (left) and Chilean Political director (right) and Mr. Zeng of Damei Kingmech Pump

The group photo of Chilean ambassador (left) and Paul Zhao of Damei Kingmech Pump (right) with the Donation certificate

The group photo of Chilean ambassador (right) and Paul Zhao of Damei Kingmech Pump (left) with the Donation certificate and Donated masks

Post time: Jul-11-2020