API610 VS4 Pump LYD Model

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Capacity :2~400m3/h

Head  :5~100m

Working temperature :-20℃~+120℃

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VS4 pump were developed as single-stage, single-suction, vertical centrifugal pump, with enclosed impeller, pump design and fabrication according to standard GB5656-1994; top bearing is SKF antifriction bearing,lubricated with Li-based grease; The pump is equipped with flexible coupling.

Other details information and operating data see datasheets.


1.Shaft connected structure is safe and reliable.

2.he rotator parts could be axial adjustment

3.The rotor parts adopts multipoint supporting so that the pump operation could be safe and reliable.

4.Sliding bearing adopts self-lubricating or outside lubricating.

5.When start up, the impeller is absolutely immersed in the medium, so the start-up is easy and there is no venting problem.

6.It adopts double volute casing (when the flange size is bigger than 80mm),it makes small radial force for rotator parts and small deflection for shaft. The sliding bearing will have small abrasion and long service life.

7.View from motor side, the pump rotation direction :CW


1.Thermal power plant

2.Chemical plant

3.Sewage treatment plant

4.Refining steel rolling mill

5.Paper mill

6.Cement plant

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