HFD Horizontal Froth Pump (Repalce AHF)

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Materail:CR27,Cr28,CD4MCu,rubber liner

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HFD Slurry pump is horizontal-heavy abrasive duty froth slurry pump. its application is pumping slurry with obstinate froth. of a special design-inducer blade impeller to solve this problem easily.

Take a small bulk ,high efficiency.

Special froth impeller with large inlet size, this benefit to the large size solids come There is difference between pumping froth slurry and normal slurry.HFD slurry pump of high performance to pump high viscosity slurry.

The problem of handling froth in some process circults can be very frustrating. Froth often will air bind a standard pump. The  froth inducer blade impeller solves this problem. The result is far less surging, a smaller pump selection, and higher efficiencies.Viscous slurries

An additional benefit of this froth impeller design and oversized inlet is that it raises the solids concentration limits that a centrifugal pump can handle. As the main problem of handling froth is identical to that of handling viscous slurries, getting the slurry into the pump so it can be pumped, this pump has proven to be a high performer in dense media viscous slurries. Additionally, flow surging problems common to other centrifugal pump designs at low flows are eliminated on viscous slurries.The mining industry is a primary example of an operation plagued by froth and high viscosity problems. In the liberation of minerals from the ore, it is often floated through the use of strong flotation agents. Tough bubbles carry the copper, molybdenum or iron tails to be recovered and further processed. These tough bubbles create havoc with standard slurry pumps often causing the selection of overly large and inefficient pumps. The  Froth pump is sizes smaller and more efficient. The inducer impeller and oversized inlet very effectively assure the froth or viscous slurries get into the impeller allowing the pump to transport it to the next destination.Lower power costs, reliable operation, greatly reduced surging and feed tank overflow make use of the froth pump more user friendly.


The born of froth pump solve the two problems in mining: froth, high viscosity liquids.

This pump can be widely used in copper mining, alumina mining ,ore.

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