GHD Grease Lubrication High Head Slurry Pump(Repalce HH)

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Material:Cr27,Cr28,CD4MCu,rubber liner material

Sealpacking seal,expeller seal,mechnical seal.

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Design features

1. Heavy duty encapsulated design, with all metal design of the wet-end components makes the pump ideally suited for aggressive high pressure applications in the horizontal arrangement.

2. The unique impeller eye to vane diameter ratio design allows the pump to develop significant amounts of head per stage compared to the HAD and Type WAD pumps.

3. The wet-end fits onto the standard mechanical end without the need for any adaptor plates reducing spares holding.

4. Robust  heavy duty bearing assemblies complete the design consisting of heavy duty taper rollers, minimum shaft overhang and rigid large diameter shafts, all contribute to trouble free operation.

5. The Type GHD pumps are fitted to a size up bearing assembly to cater for the increased absorbed power requirements from the higher head per stage duties.

6. A unique "-10" (dash 10) end cover assembly comprising V-Seals, double piston rings and an external flinger with grease lubricated labyrinths is standard on all Pumps.

7. Available in centrifugal or stuffing box sealing arrangement

Shaft sleeve

A large percentage of duties allow the use of the centrifugal seal which eliminates the need of sealing water.

Gland shaft seal

A packed gland type shaft seal is also available and can be fitted with a low flow or a full flow flush seal water arrangement.

Shaft and bearing assembly

A large diameter shaft with a short overhang minimizes deflection and vibration.Heavy-duty roller bearings are housed in a removable bearing cartridge.

Pump Base

A minimum number if through bolts hold the pump casing to the frame .A means of impeller adjustment is provided in a convenient position below the bearing housing.

Outer Casing

Split outer casing halves of cast or ductile iron contain the wear liners and provide high operation pressure capabilities.


The impeller may be either moulded elastomer or hard metal.Deep side sealing vanes relieve seal pressure and minimize recirculation.

Cast-in impeller threads are better suited for slurries.

Interchangeable hard metal and moulded elastomer liners.

Mating faces in hard metal liners are tapered to allow positive alignment during assembly and allow components to be easily removed for replacement.

Hydraulic seal rings give positive sealing between mating faces.


Alumina,Copper mining,Iron ore,Gas oil,Coal ,Electric industry,Phosphate,Bauxite,Gold,Potash, Wolfram,Water sewerage utilities,Sugar,Tobacco,Chemical fertilizer.

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