HSD Heavy Slurry Duty Pump(Repalce XU)

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Sealpacking seal,expeller seal

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Configured volute一Configured volute cross-section distributes casing material at point of maximum wear for larger particles.

Low V cutwater一Low V open cutwater design lowers slurry velocity and consequent wear and pre- vents separation at flows less than BEP. Low V design also produces more forgiving operating range and broader efficiency band.

Impeller wear ring一Patented impeller wear ring profile reduces wear on the throatbush and impeller by reducing turbulence and restricting recirculation.

Extended shroud impeller一Unique extended shroud impeller design reduces side- liner wear by trapping the pump-out vane tip vortices against the shroud preventing further vortex development.

Ease of maintenance一Unique "T-liner" and spigot- ted fits ensure all components can be assembled easily. Casing has 3 shackle lifting points. Gland seal pump is easily converted to centrifugal seal by adding expeller and new shaft sleeve.

Centrifugal seal performance一Deep and efficient impeller pump out vanes combine with high ratios (85%) expeller diameter produce exceptional dry sealing performance

Profiled impeller tip一Unique impeller vane tip profile increased radial velocity of flow in center of vane preventing inward spiral flow and reducing wear in the casing.

"Tear drop" frame liner一Unique frame plate liner insert shape ensures any local side wall wear occurs on the liner, not in the more expensive casing. Flat ceramic wear resistant inserts are options for very aggressive applications.

Expelling vane shape一Leading edge of expelling vane is a patented shape designed to reduce tip turbulence and maximize pressure reduction and sealing effect.

One-piece frame一A very robust one-piece frame cradles the cartridge type bearing and shaft assembly. An external impeller adjustment mechanism is provid-ed below the bearing housing for easy adjustment of impeller clearance.


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